Process and Equipment Risk Analysis
Identifying hazards and potential failure modes is one of those areas of engineering in which there is both science and art. The former comprises rigorous application of formal techniques, such as HazOp and FMEA. The latter involves cynical imagination and years of experience in investigation of failures. [more]

Incident Investigation
Determining the root cause and the chain of causality that led to an injury or to property damage is the key to reducing the risk. Safety Guru, LLC's "outsider's perspective" enables considering an investigation without having either a preference as to the cause or a pre-defined set of "usual suspects". [more]

Product Design for Safety
The earlier in the development process safety is considered, the more efficient the design process is. Safety Guru, LLC's principal combines experience as an equipment designer with that as a safety engineer to enable him to assist in early identification of safety concerns and in finding cost- and time-efficient ways to address them. [more]

SEMI Safety Guideline Implementation
Safety Guru, LLC's principal has been intimately involved in the development of many of the key documents. As one who has striven to have the documents allow as much freedom of design as the desired risk control permits, he can assist in making use of those provisions. [more]

One key to successful implementation of safety programs is training personnel in both the technical details and methods. Safety Guru, LLC offers the choices of generic training, for which it absorbs the development costs, and client-specific training, for which the development costs are borne by the client. [more]