SEMI® Safety Guideline Implementation

As one of the most active participants in the SEMI EHS Committee, Safety Guru, LLC's principal has been intimately involved in the development of many of the key documents, including:

  • S1 (hazard alert labels),
  • S2 (blanket document regarding semiconductor manufacturing equipment),
  • S3 (liquid chemical heating),
  • S4 (gas cylinder segregation/separation),
  • S5 (gas flow limiting),
  • S6 (exhaust ventilation),
  • S10 (risk assessment),
  • S12 (equipment decontamination),
  • S13 (documentation),
  • S14 (fire risk assessment and mitigation),
  • S18 (flammable silicon compounds),
  • S23 (energy and materials usage), and
  • S30 (energetic materials).

This enables him to share his understanding of both the text and intentions of the documents. As one who has striven to have the documents allow as much freedom of design as the desired risk control permits, he can assist in making use of those provisions.

Unlike many of the firms that offer consulting and design support related to SEMI Safety Guidelines, Safety Guru, LLC does not offer formal S2 conformance assessments. This frees the firm to assist in design and development without fear of having a conflict of interest between that work and the conformance assessment. The firm is, however, able to assist designers in educating conformance assessors as to the basis for acceptability of non-traditional designs.